4 Signs You Need Brick Driveway Repair

Brick Driveway Repair

From visible cracks to pooling water, there are many telltale signs that your brick driveway is in need of a repair. You will need a brick repair contractor in Metro Detroit to handle a job of this magnitude. With regular maintenance, a sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing driveway can last for decades.

But if you have started to notice a change in the performance or look of your brick driveway in Michigan, it’s important to take quick action and call a professional. Puddles, cracks, crumbling, and potholes are obvious signs of deterioration, but there are other, more subtle signs to be on the lookout for as well.  

Common Indicators of Driveway Repair

If you have spotted any surface irregularities on the driveway, it’s important to address the issue right away. For instance, a crack in your driveway may seem harmless enough at first but can expand quite quickly and form a deep hole that is more expensive to fix the longer the neglect goes on. Check out these common brick driveway issues that may indicate the need for repairs.

1.     Visible Cracks

Cracks are the most obvious sign your driveway needs attention. They usually show up running across the surface or alongside it. Cracks are concerning in their own right, but they may also indicate something deeper going on, such as with the driveway’s foundation or as a result of heavy and excessive use.

The most alarming thing about driveway cracks is that they can invite water to seep into the deeper layers of asphalt or brick and eventually make its way to your home’s foundation. You may dismiss that one crack on your driveway, but pay attention, because it can quickly develop into a pattern of cracks. Once this occurs, it becomes impossible to fix your driveway with patchwork; you will need complete resurfacing, which is an added expense you likely don’t want or need.

2.     Pooling Water

Pooling water is another concerning sign that you need driveway repair. You will see water pool up between bricks as they fill up with water after even the lightest of rain storms. A well-crafted driveway will be slightly sloped so that water does not accumulate in those indentations. Standing water can make your driveway deteriorate much faster than usual, and can even cause damage to your home’s foundation if not addressed promptly.

3.     Frequent Potholes

Cracks and crumbles that are left untreated will deepen and expand over time, leading to bigger gaps that can weaken your driveway. These potholes and gaps will grow deeper and allow even more water to get underneath. In addition to affecting your driveway’s integrity, potholes can damage the tires and suspension system of your car.

4.     Loose Edges and Sunken Areas

Finally, crumbling bricks and edges indicate driveway damage, signaling that the driveway structure is eroding and needs substantial repairs or replacement. Water and weeds can loosen and split up bricks, leading to a safety issue and eyesore. Sunken areas can also signal the need for brick driveway repair.

How Do You Know Your Driveway Needs Repair?

Like other exteriors of your home, you may not notice issues with your brick driveway right away. This is why regular maintenance checks of your driveway are important. Be on the lookout for cracks, bumps, and crumbling mortar and brick. Get these issues repaired before they worsen and cost you an arm and a leg.

A well-crafted brick driveway can last up to 25 years, or more; however, neglect is the #1 killer of brick driveways. Keep an eye on conditions that can result in surface distress, such as extreme weather temperatures, weight pressure from cars, and drainage.

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