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Gorgeous Brick Porch in Grosse Pointe MI

Does your porch create a good first impression, or is it a busted mess right now? Do you feel like your home needs a facelift? Perhaps it’s time to get a new brick porch or restore your existing porch to its original condition. The bricklayers here at Mortar City Masonry can help you do all that and more.

If you’d like a quote for a brick porch in Grosse Pointe MI, contact us at (586) 533-1305.

Design the Perfect Brick Porch or Back Patio

Front porches are standard in most homes, but back porches aren’t always as common. In many cases, homeowners install back patios and other outdoor entertainment spaces. Mortar City Masonry works on porches, patios, and all hardscapes, giving you a chance to truly personalize your property.

Here are some tips for designing your porch or patio:

  • Determine How You Want to Use Your Patio or Porch
  • Create a Hardscaping Design That Accommodates Your Functional Needs (Fire Pit, Dining Space, Lounging Space, Outdoor Kitchen, etc.)
  • Look around the Neighborhood to See What Features Comparable Homes Have
  • Work with a Team of Experienced Bricklayers to Maximize the Longevity of Your New Porch or Patio
  • Add a Walkway or Approach That Complements the Design of the Porch
  • Enjoy Your New Space for Decades to Come!

For more information about porch installation in Grosse Pointe, contact us at (586) 533-1305.


Experience headache-free service, and honest and fair pricing from the fine folks at Mortar City Masonry. We service the entire metro Detroit area and you will love your finished result!

Old Porch Need Repair? We Offer Brick Porch Restoration in Grosse Pointe MI

It doesn’t always have to be “out with the old, in with the new.” Sometimes you just need to adjust the old so it looks like new. This is where we come in. We can evaluate the state of your existing materials to determine if brick porch repair is right for you. If so, we’ll give you a fair, honest quote, along with a timeframe for porch restoration.

Quality Masonry and Hardscaping Services from Mortar City Masonry

Did you know that approximately 60% of U.S. homes have patios? It’s true! That number has increased significantly in the last couple of years as many Americans shifted to working from home. You can create an outdoor oasis that makes your home a place you love to be. Our brick paving company offers:

  • Brick Restoration, Mortar Repair and Brick Repair
  • Professional Chimney Rebuilding and Brick Paver Releveling
  • Custom Driveways, Patios, Pathways, and Brick Porches
  • Beautiful Brick Mailboxes and Other Personalized Design Features
  • Affordable Masonry from a Licensed Michigan Builder
  • Quality Construction You Can Depend On
  • Stamped Concrete Sealing and Cleaning
  • Retaining Walls, Brick Archways, Driveway Skirting, and More

If You’d Like an Estimate for a Brick Porch in Grosse Pointe MI, Call Us at (586) 533-1305