Should My ADU Have a Separate Patio?

Cultured Stone Porch

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can add tons of value to your property, and it can supplement your monthly income. If you’re trying to maximize profit from your ADU, installing a patio could be a perfect addition. Let’s explore the potential perks that come with ADU patios so you can decide if you’d like to add one.

What Is an ADU?

An ADU is essentially a fully functioning apartment within a house. This may be a finished basement, a converted attic, a mother-in-law suite, or even a separate building on the property. Each city has its own regulations regarding what is and is not considered an ADU, but under the right circumstances, this can greatly boost property value and income potential.

Should I Add a Patio to My ADU?

Adding a patio to your ADU could increase the amount of rent you charge per month. This is particularly beneficial if the unit you have is relatively small. Tenants perceive the dedicated outdoor space as an additional living area, and they’re willing to pay more as a result.

Notice that we said dedicated outdoor space. This is key. If the ADU shares a patio with the main house, it’s not considered as much of a perk. Renters want to feel like they are in total control of their space, even if it’s just a small area for a barbecue pit and bistro table.

If there is a separate entrance/exit from your ADU that’s far enough away from the main entrance to support its own patio, you’ll likely see a strong return on investment. If you decide to do away with the ADU in the future, you can use this patio as a lounging area or tie it into the main patio for the home.

Add Privacy to Enhance Your ADU Patio

If you can add some privacy to the sides of the patio, that’s always ideal. This may be in the form of a retaining wall for basement ADUs, or it may be in some simple partition walls that separate the view from the rest of the property. This gives the tenants privacy and also prevents the primary residents from having to see everything on the renter’s patio. Everyone wins!

Get a Quote for Your ADU Patio

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