Brick Paving in Royal Oak MI

The possibilities are endless when it comes to brick paving. Pavers are incredibly versatile, and they can withstand the harsh weather shifts we have here in Michigan. Mortar City Masonry would love to help you take advantage of your property’s full potential.

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  • We Work with Michigan-Made Paving Bricks
  • Brick Paver Restoration, Repair, and Reset Services Available
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  • Brick Mailboxes, Porches, Archways, and Front Door Approaches
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Benefits of Brick Paving vs. Concrete

Choosing the right material for your hardscaping can make a big difference in long-term cost and usage. Brick paving has many benefits over concrete, but there are perks to concrete as well. Let’s compare brick paving vs. concrete to help you decide which option is right for you:

  • Brick pavers cost less than concrete over time because they can be reset if they shift.
  • Pavers won’t crack like concrete, and you can add sand to the joints to keep them secured.
  • Quality installation can ensure your brick pavers last a lifetime.
  • Brick paving is an upscale solution that probably doesn’t cost as much as you think!
  • Bricks look beautiful with almost any style of home and come in a wide range of colors/patterns.
  • We can help you assess your options to find the perfect fit for your property.

If you’d like an estimate for brick paving in Royal Oak MI, please call Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305. We’ll help you make an educated decision about your home improvement.

How to Care for Your Brick Paving

Your brick pavers may need to be swept or washed periodically, but they are relatively low maintenance. If the sand between the joints starts to wear down, we can brush new sand on to fortify the joints. Michigan’s soil is sand-based, so there may be some shifting as the years go on. Mortar City Masonry offers brick paver restoration to make your older pavers look like new.

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