Brick Repair Company in Troy MI

Mortar City Masonry is an experienced brick repair company in Troy MI. We provide a range of services to protect and preserve your masonry, including mortar tuckpointing and color-matched brick replacements.

  • More Than 50% of Our Clients Come from Referrals and Repeat Business
  • Our Troy Brick Repair Company Specializes in Color-Matched Brick Restoration and Mortar Replacement Services
  • Premium Services Like Cultured Stone Installation, Brick Mailboxes, Limestone Steps, Brick Driveway Edging, and Custom Outdoor Living Rooms
  • Mortar City Masonry Is Family Owned and Operated, and We Use Michigan-Made Bricks for Most of Our Projects
  • Brick Paver Repair, Restoration, and Reset Services Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Paver Driveways, Patios, Retaining Walls, Walkways, and Other Brick Paving Services
  • Explore the Endless Possibilities That Await!

Whether you want a new brick patio for the backyard or a professional to evaluate brick cracks around your home, Mortar City Masonry is here to help. Call (586) 533-1305 to schedule your in-person consultation with one of our brick experts.


Experience headache-free service, and honest and fair pricing from the fine folks at Mortar City Masonry. We service the entire metro Detroit area and you will love your finished result!

Why Bricks Crack (and How to Fix Them)

The environment plays a big role in brick cracking. Here in Michigan, materials are subject to a freeze-thaw cycle in the winter as water melts, evaporates, and freezes. This change in temperature creates a change in structural stability, which may wear down your bricks over time.

Another reason bricks may crack is because of improper joint sealing. If water is able to consistently penetrate the bricks, it may erode your masonry. This creates weak points that are subject to even more erosion.

Furthermore, you may see brick cracking because of foundation issues. You’ll need to resolve those foundation issues before repairing the bricks in order to ensure your masonry repairs last.

If you’d like an assessment from a licensed brick repair company in Troy MI, contact Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305.

Will I Have to Replace My Bricks?

We recommend preserving your bricks when possible to ensure the best possible match for materials. Not all bricks are salvageable, so we may recommend replacement if your specific situation merits that. The best way to determine the course of action is to schedule a consultation. From there, you can expect the following:

  • We assess each project to determine the best course for repair, whether it’s complete replacement, partial replacement, or strategic restoration.
  • Your bricks may be stable and salvageable with new mortar.
  • If there are underlying issues affecting your brickwork, we’ll pinpoint the source of the damage.
  • You’ll get a transparent price estimate to make an informed decision about your masonry repair.

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