How Much Does It Cost to Patch Brick

Woman Tuckpointing Brick on House

Do you have damaged bricks that need to be repaired or replaced? If so, you may be wondering how much it costs to patch brick. Pricing varies by repair and location, so your brick repairs may be different than the prices in this guide. Here is an overview of what your brick patching may cost.

Average Cost of Brick Repair

According to HomeGuide, the average cost of brick repair is between $500 and $2,500. However, that does not account for the vast variations in brick restoration techniques. Patching a small section of mortar may cost less than patching a whole section of bricks. Some brick companies charge minimum service fees, while others charge exclusively by the hour. Get a repair estimate so you can plan accordingly.

Factors That Affect How Much It Costs to Patch Brick

The biggest factors that impact how much brick patching costs are the extent of the damage and the cost of the materials. Is the replacement brick difficult to find? If so, it may cost more than a readily-available material. Do you need new mortar or all-new bricks? Are there underlying issues you need to resolve before getting your bricks patched?

These are the factors we will assess during your estimate. Our bricklayers will diagnose what caused the brick damage and what the appropriate repair steps will be. Every category of repair requires different techniques and solutions – chimney repair, tuckpointing, brick spalling repair, brick paver restoration, etc. You need an in-person consultation to determine what type of repair best suits the situation.

Get a Brick Repair Quote from Mortar City Masonry

The question shouldn’t be, “how much does it cost to patch brick?” It should be “how much will it cost to repair my brick?” Mortar City Masonry has the answers. We can conduct a thorough brick inspection and provide a detailed repair estimate for you. Our phone number is (586) 533-1305, and we offer flexible scheduling accommodations.

Mortar City Masonry services many areas of Southeast Michigan, including the Metro Detroit area, Royal Oak, Northville, and surrounding communities. We understand the weather conditions and soil content in this area, which deeply impacts how bricks shift. You can count on us to provide long-lasting brick repairs that seamlessly blend old and new materials.

Call today to schedule your brick patching estimate.