How to Restore Color on Faded Pavers

Before and After Brick Paver Sealing

If your concrete pavers are fading, you don’t necessarily have to replace them. Concrete pavers are not colored all the way through like brick pavers, so their underlayers may show with wear. Read on to learn how to restore color on faded pavers.

Clean the Pavers Thoroughly

The first step in concrete paver color restoration is to clean the pavers well. This may be all you need to see your pavers come back to life. Use a pressure washer or high-pressure hose attachment to wash off the pavers. You could also try scrubbing them with soapy water and a long-handled broom. Rinse away the dirty water when you’re finished, and let the pavers dry for two full days.

Apply Paver Sealant to Enhance Faded Pavers

Once the pavers are dry, you can see what they look like in their clean state. If you’re content with the appearance, you could stop there. If you still think they need to be enhanced, you could use paver sealant to bring out the color of faded pavers.

The use of paver sealant is a bit controversial because it blocks water from evaporating on the surface of the pavers. This could lead to problems down the line if you’re in an area with heavy rainfall. With that in mind, paver sealant protects against rain and UV rays, all while bringing out the rich color of the pavers. Weigh the pros and cons to determine if this is right for you.

Stain Concrete Pavers to Change the Color

You can stain concrete pavers just like you can stain slabs of concrete. There are tons of paver stain colors out there, but they may look different on your pavers than they do in stores. If you’re going to stain your pavers, start with a testing area before committing to a full application. Also note that stains n dark pavers may not show up as well as stains on light pavers.

Can I Paint Brick Pavers?

While it is possible to paint brick pavers or concrete pavers, it’s not recommended. The paint creates a reflective surface that sun rays bounce off, creating intense heat in the summer months. Painted pavers also lack the ability to evaporate water, and the water trapped inside could lead to future problems. Furthermore, painted pavers are prone to chipping, which makes faded colors even more noticeable. You’re much better off staining your pavers or replacing them altogether.

Add a Border or Accent Pavers to Update the Look

Sometimes all you need is an accent color to make your pavers look new again. You could get a decorative border or inset paver pattern to make your paved surface look refreshed. At minimum, you could have the pavers releveled and resanded so they look newly installed. These techniques may not directly change the color of the pavers, but they can change the way people perceive the pavers.

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