Is a Brick Driveway Cheaper Than Concrete?

Is a Brick Driveway Cheaper Than Concrete?

Whether you’re looking to replace your cracked driveway or get a driveway for a new build, there are many hardscaping options to choose from. Brick pavers create gorgeous driveways, but many homeowners are hesitant about the cost. Is concrete cheaper than brick, or is a brick driveway cheaper than concrete? Let’s compare your options so you can make a smart home investment.

Upfront Costs of Brick Driveways vs. Concrete Driveways

If you look purely at the upfront costs, the average concrete driveway costs less than the average brick driveway. The type of materials and finishes you choose will greatly affect the costs, but concrete will still end up being less expensive at first. Much of this has to do with the precision and attention-to-detail that goes into installing a brick driveway. It’s not a slab – it’s a work of art. That may cost a bit more early on.

Long-Term: A Brick Driveway Is Cheaper Than a Concrete Driveway

Before you take bricks completely off your list, think about the long-term expenses. All concrete cracks. It’s only a matter of time. You might be able to repair minor cracks, but eventually, you’ll have to replace the entire driveway.

Quality brick pavers will last you a lifetime. They may need to be releveled and resanded, but you won’t have to worry about replacing your entire driveway. Drive through a historic neighborhood or the main street in a rural town, and you’ll likely see brick roads that are decades old. The longevity of the bricks and their maintainability make them an ideal decision overall.

How to Extend the Life of Your Brick Driveway

The best way to maintain a brick driveway is to complete repairs in a timely manner. If you’ve noticed the bricks shifting, have them releveled so they don’t continue to fall out of place. Rise or power wash your brick driveway a few times a year, especially if you’ve encountered oil stains.

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