Why Brick Walls Crack (And How to Fix Them)

Brick Wall with Crack

Drive through any city in the U.S., and you’ll likely see cracked brick walls. This is common here in Michigan because of our intense freeze-thaw cycles. Even the most robust masonry has a hard time standing up to Mother Nature. In this guide, we’ll explore why brick walls crack and how to fix them.

Causes of Brick Wall Cracks

The core reason why brick walls crack is because of water infiltration. Water seeps behind the bricks and erodes away the brick-and-mortar. Trapped moisture can also expand and contract with changing temperatures. Every freeze cycle puts strain on the bricks, which literally makes them “crack” under pressure.

Foundation issues can also cause brick walls to crack. Houses in Michigan sit on sandy soil, so the foundations are prone to shifting. When the base of a building moves, everything above it also moves. This can result in costly repairs, depending on the extent of the shifting. Tree roots and standing water in the ground will increase the risk of foundation issues.

Older bricks and low-quality bricks may crack with time from general wear and tear. Worn mortar can destabilize the joints between bricks, which leads to cracking. There are tons of reasons why brick walls crack. Our specialists know how to assess the situation and prescribe the most effective solution for it.  

How to Repair a Cracked Brick Wall

Each brick crack cause has its own solution. If there is an underlying issue, such as foundation shifting, that needs to be addressed before repairing the cracked bricks.

Brick repairs may include replacing the mortar, patching the mortar, strategically replacing the bricks, or rebuilding part of the brick wall. Mortar City Masonry offers brick restoration services using the closest possible material matches. We specialize in making brick damage disappear, both visually and structurally. 

Get a Brick Repair Estimate from Mortar City Masonry

Before you start filling cracks in your mortar, we highly suggest getting a brick inspection and repair estimate. If you have an underlying issue to tackle, those brick cracks will only get worse with time. The sooner you take care of the damage, the less costly it will be to repair.

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