5 Outdoor Entertaining Patio Design Tips

Outdoor patio with fireplace and lounging.

Turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment space with a strategic patio design. All it takes is some simple tweaks and proactive planning to make a basic patio into a host’s dream! Here are five design tips for outdoor entertaining patios, courtesy of Mortar City Masonry.

Establish Zones on Your Patio

Your patio is far more than a basic slab in your backyard. It serves several purposes, and you can highlight those purposes with zoning. You may have an outdoor kitchen or dedicated area for the grill. Then have a separate zone nearby for dining and another zone for games, fire pits, lounge chairs, etc.

You can identify zones with furniture placement and outdoor rugs, but your hardscaping can also dictate where these areas are. Something as simple as an accent border around the dining space can create a cozy feeling in an otherwise open space. We will take this into consideration for your outdoor patio design.

Create a Flexible Patio Design to Fit Future Needs

Your lifestyle is bound to change, and your patio needs to adapt to that. You should also plan for a flexible design in case you sell the home in the future. You can have fixed elements, like a fire pit or built-in bench. Just make sure the rest of the space is versatile.

You may also want to avoid trendy designs for your patio, if you want to maximize its longevity. Neutral colors or stones that complement your siding will help the patio stand the test of time.

Keep the Flow of Traffic in Mind (Smooth Path to the Kitchen)

A good flow of traffic makes all the difference for outdoor entertainment. If there is only one path in and out of the space, you may end up with a bottleneck that makes people feel trapped inside or out. Ideally, there should be multiple walkways available for each part of the patio. Example: access around all sides of the dining table or a circular path around the fire pit.

Additionally, you should consider how the kitchen connects to the patio. The patio may not be directly off the kitchen, but there should be a clear path to get there. You’ll likely be preparing food in the kitchen for the grill or bringing food from outside in for serving. Having a direct path makes for a better experience.

Factor Lighting into Your Entertaining Patio Design

Have you thought about how you’ll light your patio at night? Do you have a cover of some sort that you can attach lights to? Are there lights out the outside of the house that can illuminate the patio? If you do not have anything to connect lights to at this time, you might want to plan for that in the design stages.

Coordinate Your Interior and Exterior Designs

Your outdoor entertaining patio can be an extension of your living room. The two spaces don’t have to match exactly, but they should coordinate in some way. As guests transition from inside to outside, they’ll feel that sense of connection and cohesion. This, combined with the tips above, will make your parties the envy of the community.

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