Paver Restoration vs. New Pavers

Before and After Paver Restoration

If your pavers are past their prime, you may be considering an all new setup. Before you jump into that though, have you considered reusing the pavers you already have? Many homeowners prefer paver restoration over new pavers because it saves them money and makes the most of their existing materials. Let’s compare both options to determine what’s best for your home.

You Can Reuse Your Old Pavers If They’re in Good Condition

One of the perks of pavers over concrete is that pavers can be reset. If they shift out of place or become unlevel, you can put them back in order. Broken or crumbling pavers may need to be replaced, but offset pavers can go right where they started.

Benefits of Paver Restoration over New Pavers

For most projects, it is less expensive to restore pavers than it is to replace them. This is because the cost of materials is minimal. You’re only paying for labor, new sand, and maybe some underlayment materials.

Paver restoration also ensures a seamless look throughout your property. If you have other paved areas from the same time period, they will all have the same materials. Restoration will make the structure look new, but the pavers will have a cohesive appearance.

If you’re worried about environmental impact, paver restoration is the clear choice. You’re making the most of what you have without tapping into new resources. You’re also paying homage to the history of the property while still keeping it modern and updated.

Benefits of New Pavers over Paver Restoration

New pavers tend to cost more than paver restoration, but it is a guaranteed way to get a custom look for your property. If you don’t like the color, shape or style of your current pavers, replace them with something you’ll love. This is particularly important if you’ve changed some exterior features, and the existing pavers no longer complement your home.

Another benefit to getting new pavers is that you can change the layout of the structure. Make your patio bigger or correct a functional issue you have with the current setup. You could also add to your existing pavers, depending on how well you can match the materials.

If your property needs a dramatic upgrade, new pavers might be the way to go. Select neutral colors that will stand the test of time, and you can maximize your return on investment.

Compare Your Options with a Detailed Price Quote

The best way to decide if paver restoration is right for you is to compare the cost, timeframe and project scope for both options. In many cases, there is a clear cut winner – new pavers or paver restoration. In other cases, both bring value to the table and you have to prioritize what matters most to you.

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