Are Bricks Fireproof? Discover Something Most Don’t Know

Fireproof brick

Having bricks on your house could reduce your risk of a house fire. Before you light a torch against your siding, you need to know the full picture. Bricks are fireproof, but that doesn’t mean that your brick house is fireproof. Read on to learn more about how bricks protect against fire damage.

Most Bricks Are Fireproof and Noncombustible

Bricks are forged in fire, which makes them fireproof and noncombustible. If you throw a lit match at a stack of bricks, the bricks themselves will not catch on fire. The materials around the bricks may still be susceptible to fire damage, but the bricks themselves will remain intact.

This is one of the reasons why brick houses tend to come with lower home insurance rates. They are not immune to damage, but the durability of bricks reduces the risk for future insurance claims. Bricks also stand strong against wind and precipitation, making them an excellent façade material for most climates.

Mortar Is Not Fireproof

The mortar around your bricks may contain combustible materials. Even if the bricks remain perfectly stable during a fire, the mortar may spread the fire throughout the building. At a minimum, the fire is likely to wear down the mortar and affect the structural integrity of the siding.

Brick Siding Does Not Make a Building Fireproof

There are many other materials involved with your home’s exterior, and almost all of them are susceptible to fire damage. Your brick house may be less likely to catch fire than your neighbor’s wood house, but it’s still not fireproof. Your window trim, fascia boards, roofing materials, and other components are subject to catching fire.

Not All Bricks Are Created Equal

It’s also important to note that not all bricks are made from the same materials. Some low-quality bricks may have compromised structures, which makes them less durable and more vulnerable during a fire.

Here at Mortar City Masonry, we use top-quality bricks and mortar for all our projects. We want our brickwork to last for decades to come, and we take extra precautions to make that happen. Whether you’re getting a crack repair, color-matched brick replacement, tuckpointing, brick installation, or any other masonry services, you can count on the integrity behind our work.

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