Can You Hang Christmas Decorations on a Brick House?

Can You Hang Christmas Decorations on a Brick House?

Brick is notorious for being difficult to adhere to, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your seasonal decorating on a brick house. All you need is the right techniques to make your house look exactly how you want it to this holiday season. Check out these tips from Mortar City Masonry to hang Christmas decorations on a brick house.

How to Hang Lightweight Christmas Decorations on Brick Siding

One of the easiest and most underrated ways to hang lights on a brick house is to hot glue the lights every few feet. The hot glue is easy to pull off at the end of the season, and you can hang it just about anywhere. Hot glue may not be strong enough to support heavy decorations, but it works well for lights and lightweight décor.

Another option for lightweight décor is to use exterior mounting tape. This product is made specifically for exterior surfaces and can withstand some exposure to wind, rain, frost, etc. There are many styles of outdoor mounting tape available, and they’re rated to work for different weights or textures. Follow the installation instructions closely for the best results.

Please note that these options may not work if you have painted bricks. The glue or mounting tape may peel off a chunk of your paint when you go to remove it. Test in an inconspicuous area before using either method all over your house.

How to Hang Heavy Christmas Decorations on Brick Siding

If you need to hang heavier decorations, you need heavy-duty mounts. You could use brick clips that are designed to clip around your bricks. This will only work if your bricks stick out from the mortar, creating a “shelf” around the edge of the bricks.

Another option would be to anchor screws into the mortar. This will require you to use a masonry drill bit to drill into the mortar and then insert a corresponding anchor into the hole. If you plan to install the same decorations year after year, this may be worth the extra effort in the first year. Make sure you use exterior-grade screws in the anchors, as they may be subject to rusting.

Look for Alternative Mounting Points on Your Siding

Could you attach your Christmas decorations to nearby wood? This may give you more flexibility for placement, and it could save you the hassle of attaching decorations to brick. Look over your house for alternative connection points. If you cannot find any, try one of the methods above.

Do a Wind Test for Security

Wind speeds in Michigan range from 10 to 26 mph on average, which may affect how stable your Christmas decorations are. Wiggle the décor around a bit after securing it to make sure it’s firmly in place. If you have some pieces that can easily be taken down/put up, bring those inside before heavy storms. Fortify your hangers as needed to keep your Christmas décor looking great until the new year.