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Are you ready to transform your property in a meaningful way? Do you want timeless beauty that is easy to repair over time? If so, you may be looking for brick paving in Macomb County MI. This is one of the many services we provide here at Mortar City Masonry. Our specialties include the following:

  • Brick Paver Installation
  • Brick Paver Restoration, Such as Leveling and Sanding
  • Brick and Mortar Installation
  • Brick Inspections and Masonry Chimney Repair
  • Brick Restoration and Tuckpointing Services
  • Brick Mailboxes, Brick Porches, Brick Patios, and Brick Driveways
  • Retaining Walls, Cultured Stone, and Glass Wall Blocks
  • Outdoor Living Areas, Including Custom Fire Pits and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Concrete Installation, Sealing, and Cleaning
  • And Other Forms of Brick Paving in Macomb County MI

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What’s the Difference between Brick Paving and Concrete?

Brick paving involves the use of individual bricks that are laid together to form a paved surface. The pavers typically have sand in between them to manage water and help the structure maintain its shape. Concrete is a solid slab that pours into place as a liquid and hardens to be solid. Both options can transform your property, but most homeowners agree that brick paving is more eye-catching and looks higher-end.

  • Paving Stones Can Withstand More Pressure Per Square Inch Than Concrete (Source)
  • Pavers Are Easier to Repair and Reset after Shifting
  • Concrete Is Less Expensive Upfront but More Expensive in the Long Run
  • Concrete Creates a Uniform Look, and Pavers Provide Texture and Contrast
  • You Can Use Pavers and Concrete Together If You Want the Best of Both Worlds
  • Precise Installation Is Crucial No Matter What – Work with Brick Installers You Can Trust

Whether you need concrete installation or brick paving in Macomb County MI, Mortar City Masonry is here to help. Call (586) 533-1305 to get started.

How to Make Your Brick Paving Last

One of the best features of brick paving is that it requires little maintenance. You will need to clean your brick pavers periodically to prevent staining, and you’ll need new sand as it washes away. If the pavers start to shift out of place or become uneven, you may need a brick paver reset. Mortar City Masonry will restore your old pavers so you can enjoy your outdoor space for many more years.

If You Want Long-Lasting Brick Paving in Macomb County MI, Contact Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305