Can You Repair Bricks with Caulk?

A close-up of caulking concrete and brick with caulk gun

Cracks in bricks can lead to water infiltration, which causes further brick damage and a whole slew of problems. If you’re looking for a quick fix, caulk could be the answer. However, it’s important to choose the right caulk for the job and understand its limitations. Read on to learn more about brick repairs with caulk.

Standard Caulk Doesn’t Work Well for Brick Repairs

The caulk you use around your windows or bathtub isn’t going to work for bricks. You could use exterior trim caulk for areas where the trim meets the brickwork, but if you’re just repairing the brick mortar, this isn’t the right fit.

Lime mortar is made of powdered lime that is rehydrated to dry like limestone. This is what makes it so durable against UV rays, precipitation and more. Traditional caulk doesn’t have these same properties, and it may struggle to adhere to the brickwork. You’ll be better off using brick caulk or getting professional brick repair that lasts.

Brick Caulk: Gun Grade vs. Self-Leveling

There are specialty products out there designed specifically for mortar patching and brick repair. Brick caulk, also known as mortar caulk or concrete caulk, is made to cling to masonry and withstand abuse from Mother Nature.

There are two main categories of brick caulk: gun grade and self-leveling. Gun grade caulk is thicker, so it’s great for filling in larger gaps. Self-leveling caulk has a more water-like consistency, which creates a deep-rooted seal for thinner cracks.

The color of brick caulk varies by manufacturer, and some have dyed options to choose from. You’ll want to select the caulk that best matches your brickwork. It may be best to test out a couple different products to find the right match.

Mortar Repointing vs. Brick Caulk

If you have some isolated hairline cracks, brick caulk may be sufficient for repair. However, if you have larger cracks or crumbling mortar in multiple areas, caulk isn’t going to do the trick.

Mortar repointing involves removing the surface layer of mortar and replacing it with color-matched new mortar. This gets rid of the worn mortar that’s causing trouble, but it doesn’t require complete demolition of the bricks. Repointing can significantly extend the life of your masonry, and it’s probably more affordable than you think!

Get Long-Lasting Brick Repair from Mortar City Masonry

Every form of brick damage has its own solution. Sometimes brick caulk is the right answer, and other times, you need complete brick restoration. Our experts can evaluate the circumstances to create a custom brick repair plan for your home. This is the best way to get long-lasting results you can count on.

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