Cultured Stone Design Tips

Before and After of Cultured Stone Work On House

Love the look of cultured stone, but you’re just not sure how to use it? Manufactured stone veneer can be used on almost any vertical surface inside and outside your home. With this level of versatility, the design options may seem overwhelming. Follow these cultured stone design tips to navigate your renovation journey.

Choose Cultured Stone That Complements without Blending in

Cultured stone comes in many colors, sizes and textures. We’ve found that cultured stone looks best when it slightly contrasts from surrounding materials. For example, if most of your siding is beige, using beige stone might not have the impact you want. Something slightly darker or something with a little color in it could create the focal point you’re looking for.

If your siding or interior walls already have a lot of color on them, you might stick with a light, neutral shade of cultured stone. The stone will be more noticeable than it would be in a similar color palette.

Furthermore, think about the size and shape of the stone in contrast to the materials around it. If you have standard rectangular bricks on your home, you may choose cultured stone that’s long and thin. If the stone and the bricks are relatively the same size, the design may look too busy.

Use Stone Veneer in Multiple Areas to Create a Visual Balance

If you use cultured stone in just one area, your curb appeal may feel off-balance. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but something will feel “off.” This is why we recommend using splashes of cultured stone in several areas of the curb appeal. For example, you might use the stone on the front of your garage, on the porch columns and on the mailbox. This encourages a visitor to look around the property and take it all in, rather than looking at just one part of the house.

Avoid Using Too Much Cultured Stone

There’s a reason why you typically don’t see homes wrapped entirely in cultured stone. This material is beautiful, but it can lose some of that beauty if there is too much going on. The stone should be the jewelry on your façade, not the outfit. Use it as an accent to elevate the entire look of the house.

View Inspiration Photos Online

If you’re having trouble visualizing how the cultured stone might look, search for inspiration photos online. Pinterest is a great resource for home design ideas, but you can check Google Images, Instagram, and many other sites.

Narrow your search by color or style to get more personalized results. For instance, if you have a red brick home, you might look up “cultured stone with red brick.” This should show you similar homes so you can narrow down what you do and don’t like.

Let Our Experts Help You out!

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