Deck Stair Landing Options – How to Dress up Your Deck Landing

Before and After of Brick Pavers for Deck Landing

If your deck sits a few feet above the ground, you likely have stairs leading to the yard or areas below. You’re going to need something at the bottom of those stairs to step on and potentially support the stairs themselves. Before you settle for a plain concrete slab, explore the wide range of deck landings available to you. Here are some tips to dress up your deck stair landing.

Building Requirements for Deck Stair Landings

By law, you are required to have a deck stair landing at the bottom of the stairs. The size will depend on local building codes and the size of your deck and stairs. In general, there needs to be sufficient space to comfortably and safely step off the stairs and onto the ground. Most homeowners choose to install more than the basics though, to make the stair landing part of the outdoor living area.

Common Deck Stair Landing Options

Here are some materials you might choose for a deck stair landing:

  • Concrete – Plain but stable, can be poured in nearly any shape, subject to cracking over time.
  • Wood or deck materials – Consistent appearance, affordable, not as durable as other stair landing options, may not be sufficient for building codes.
  • Pavers or bricks – Beautiful, durable, easier to repair than concrete, may be slightly more expensive upfront, available in a wide range of colors.

Gravel and sand are not acceptable materials for deck stair landings. These materials will not pass a home inspection, and they’re generally considered unsafe to use. If you’re building the backyard of your dreams, do it the right way from the start.

Design details of a stone patio and steps.

How to Design the Perfect Deck Landing Area

We’ve built tons of deck stair landings in our day, so we can provide direct feedback from actual homeowners. Most homeowners love having a deck landing that doubles as a patio or seating area. Rather than just being a place to step, the landing area then becomes an additional place to dine and entertain.

Neutral colored pavers tend to work best with most deck materials, but it mostly depends on the color of your decking. If you have a cherry wood deck, you may want pavers with red tones to them. Consider your deck color, siding color, and other hardscaped features on the property when choosing your color scheme.

Herringbone patters look beautiful on patios, driveways and deck stair landings. This may cost slightly more to install because of the extra labor involved, but it’s worth the end result. Trust us!

Look online for inspiration photos to find a deck landing you really like. Show that to your contractors, and they can customize a similar design to fit your property.

Get a Quote for a Custom Deck Stair Landing

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