Concrete Porch Makeover Ideas for 2023

Brick Porch with Awning

Does your concrete porch feel boring, outdated, or out of style? Consider this your sign to get a porch makeover. A few simple refreshes can make a tremendous difference in how you look at your home. Check out these concrete porch makeover ideas for 2023.

Flaked Epoxy Porch Paint

Flaked epoxy paint has become a hot commodity in recent years. It has long been popular for garage floor coatings, but more homeowners are now using epoxy for outdoor surfaces. If you have two slabs of concrete from different time periods, a coat of epoxy can make them look cohesive.

The flakes in most applications add dimension, and they reduce slip risks on porches and patios. You can choose almost any color combination imaginable, making this a great solution for almost all aesthetics.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

A stamped concrete overlay can make boring concrete look like stamped concrete. The installers will apply a special adhesive on the existing slab and add a thin layer of new concrete to the surface. That new layer will be colored and stamped to your design preferences, so your old concrete will look freshly installed. This option only works for concrete that is in good condition. Otherwise, the overlay will crack quickly after installation.

Brick and Cultured Stone Accents

One reason why brick porches look boring is that they lack visual interest. You can change that with the addition of brick or cultured stone. For example, you could wrap the bottom third of your porch columns in cultured stone to contrast with the concrete porch. You could add a brick border to your porch and porch steps to make each layer more interesting.

Mortar City Masonry offers brick and cultured stone installation in southeast Michigan. We would be happy to provide a free estimate for your concrete porch makeover. Call (586) 533-1305 to get started.

Power Washing and Concrete Sealing

Don’t underestimate the power of good cleaning. Power wash your concrete porch to remove the built-up grime and staining. Pressure washing may be too harsh for older concrete that is already crumbling, but if your concrete is in good shape, this could be the perfect makeover option for you.

Brick Paver Approaches and Hardscaping for Curb Appeal

Brick pavers add instant curb appeal. You could create a dramatic brick approach leading up to your porch or add pavers to your driveway edges. You could wrap your trees in retaining wall blocks or add pavers around your garden beds. These contrasting elements will liven up your concrete porch and make your home look unique.

Mortar City Masonry offers comprehensive brick paving services, including paver restoration and custom brick driveways. If you’re ready to revitalize your curb appeal, give us a call to schedule a consultation. Our professional brick installers can bring your vision to life.