Brick Masonry in Warren MI

Exterior View of Backyard with Brick Masonry in Warren MI

If you need quality brick installation or seamless brick repairs, turn to the team at Mortar City Masonry. Our experienced bricklayers are fully licensed and insured, and all our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Our services include:

  • Brick Installation, Masonry Inspections, and Brick Repair
  • Brick Paving, Leveling, and Sanding
  • Stamped Concrete Cleaning and Sealing
  • Chimney Repair and Chimney Installation
  • Glass Blocks and Retaining Walls
  • Brick Driveways, Walkways, Approaches, Fire Pits, Patios, and Porches
  • Interior and Exterior Cultured Stone Installs
  • New Porch Railings and Curb Appeal Enhancements
  • Color-Matched Mortar and Replacement Bricks
  • And Other Forms of Hardscaping/Brick Masonry in Fraser MI

For more information about our brick masonry services, contact Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305.


Experience headache-free service, and honest and fair pricing from the fine folks at Mortar City Masonry. We service the entire metro Detroit area and you will love your finished result!

What’s the Difference between Brick Masonry and Brick Paving?

By definition, brick masonry is a structure made from individual blocks that are bound together with mortar. This is what you might see for brick siding, brick chimneys, or standalone brick walls. The mortar turns the individual bricks into a larger unit that is resilient against the wind, precipitation, and other sources of wear.

Brick paving typically does not include mortar. The bricks are laid in a horizontal manner to create a brick patio, brick walkway, brick driveway, etc. The joints are filled with fine sand that keeps the structure stable while still allowing water to freely flow through.

Simply put, brick masonry is usually vertical while brick paving is horizontal. Both options can add value and appeal to your property, as long as you hire the right team for the job. Contact Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305 to schedule your consultation for brick masonry in Warren MI.

How to Maintain Brick Masonry

Bricks do not require much maintenance. They are incredibly durable and can stand up to temperature changes, UV exposure, precipitation, and more. Here are some simple ways to keep your brick masonry looking its best:

  • Be Careful with Power Washing – Test before You Commit
  • Routinely Sweep or Hose off the Bricks for Day-to-Day Upkeep
  • Re-sand Brick Pavers to Prevent Shifting and Settling
  • Invest in Mortar Repointing to Stabilize Your Bricks
  • Get Brick Inspections as Needed to Catch Damage at the First Sign
  • Complete Brick Repairs Quickly – The Damage Will Only Get Worse
  • Reach out to Mortar City Masonry for a Custom Masonry Maintenance Plan

If You’d Like a Quote for Brick Masonry in Warren MI, Contact Mortar City Masonry at (586) 533-1305